You should feel the same level of attraction and interest, if not more, than when you first met a few hours before. Do you feel as though your date is speeding things up and using excuses like, “Woo! I don’t know what happened; I think I should call it an early night,” or “Gee, I hope I’m not coming down with something; I’d really hate to get you sick”?

Or maybe it’s you that is uttering those words–If you don’t feel enough attraction and interest toward your date, don’t fake it.

A cold-fish handshake or quick half-hug-n-back-pat while uttering that he or she “had a great time” before running away from your door or speeding off as soon as you shut the car door is a bad sign. Even Greater Follow-Up First-date follow-up is crucial to a developing relationship’s early success.

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Nerves aside, getting to know someone in person for the first time can come with mixed signals, a roller coaster of thoughts and a flurry of emotions. Look for these 5 telltale signs that may indicate that you and your date are well on your way to a mutually desired second date. Especially with online dating, finally meeting someone you’ve been messaging with and talking to on the phone for weeks or months is an exhilarating experience.

As thoughts turn to what could be, where to go and what to wear, you should feel a positive level of excitement and curiosity toward getting to know this new person.

That being said, give everyone a fair share of attention, or you could be missing out on someone perfect for you.

Brush up on your knowledge of body language cues and put it into action.

A first date transforms thoughts, feelings and pieced-together information into reality, and the big question on both you and your date’s mind is, “I like this person, but will there be enough chemistry? While is perfectly normal to feel some level of nervousness before a first date—you want to keep it in check.

If you tend to be more of an anxious type, try reminding yourself that a first date is a casual getting-to-know-you session.

There are no commitment clauses, only an opportunity for great conversation and company.

When you put your interest in another person and what he or she is all about first above your insecure thoughts about yourself, the nervousness melts away and you can truly “be yourself.” On the other hand, less than positive anticipation toward a date can indicate that your feelings for the person that you’re meeting are not that strong.

First dates are about exchanging lots of different types of information: Does he make you laugh? Is he respectful toward other people around you, and valets and restaurant wait staff?