Tell me about some of the people you are not excited about down below.

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I find myself sitting on the beach wondering what’s going on at our new house. And this time instead of being a little lump in our arms like she was for the first one, she could actually chat and run around and do three year old things.

She loved the idea of making a video of the house so she could re-watch it whenever she wanted, but she started out a little shy…

John and I have realized that our Florida road trip has somehow given us a little house perspective.

As much as we’ve been loving the new house (nearly two months after our move I still find myself going up the stairs and whispering “duuuuude, we have a second floor”) and as much as we’ve been feeling more settled with every wall that we de-wallpaper and paint, leaving our second house was definitely bittersweet.

In dating, good things come to those who are patient, and it’s going to happen when you least expect it.

You can’t just walk around and not talk to anybody and hope some great relationship is going to pop into your lap.So if you wake up in the morning and you’re not excited about the person you’re currently dating, then you’ve got to be honest with yourself and move on.Time to get excited about everything that goes on in your life.However, it is important to remember the dose of reality that comes with online dating.Sure, he might sound amazing via a string of emails and heart-fluttering text messages, but before you change your ring tone to “Put a Ring On It,” give yourself some time to actually see where the real life stuff falls into it was especially cute to see her get really into it as we went (she started telling us what rooms to go to, what to look at in each space, and saying funny things like “we’re in New Jersey” when I asked her what room we were in).