CLICK TO VIEW GALLERY Paris Hilton previously described Thomas Gross as her soulmate Thomas and Paris met in May 2015 at the Cannes Film Festival, and it wasn't long before they were snapped kissing on a yacht off the coast of Spain.Just two months later Paris shared a love-up photo of them on Instagram, simply captioned: "Soulmates".

Nate Cooper is unable to get it together with women.

But he also cannot forget his first crush, the tall, attractive, blonde Cristabel Abbott, from their time in elementary school.

Nate sets out for the beaches of California and meets up with his geeky best friend Arno, whose mother has an unnatural amount of information about Cristabel, and perhaps an unusual relationship with her son.

Cristabel jogs on the beach every day with many suitors trying to catch her eye, including an albino stalker.

That makeout thing hadn't really worn off yet in the tabloids, either, with the … But trouble is a-brewin now after Paris's little brother, 24-year-old Barron Hilton, was beaten up at a party in Miami, where Lindsay was in attendance.

Sources say that Barron blames Lindsay for the attack, although the person who did the actual face-hitting was identified by as Ray Lemoine.I like to cook for my boyfriend and watch movies together." Last year Paris revealed her desire to start a family She added: "Thomas is my soulmate. GALLERY: THE MOST SHOCKING CELEBRITY SPLITS During an interview with , she said: "I feel like I've done pretty much everything I've wanted to do. The one thing I didn't get involved in until a couple of years ago is real estate, and now I'm following in my family's footsteps, opening my own properties – I love that.The Hottie and The Nottie (stylized as The Hottie & The Nottie) is a 2008 American romantic comedy film starring Paris Hilton, Joel David Moore, and Christine Lakin.Unfortunately, the two didn't get a whole lot of time to patch things up — later that month, Lindsay got arrested again, and checked herself into bourgie rehab center, Cirque Lodge.Oh, 2008, when Lindsay and Paris were both trying to make their music careers happen — pre DJ Paris Hilton.Written by Heidi Ferrer and directed by Tom Putnam, the film began shooting in January 2007 and was released theatrically on February 8, 2008.